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Foggy Mountain SkeetoGuard - 8oz.

Foggy Mountain SkeetoGuard - 8oz.

Foggy Mountain SkeetoGuard 1 pack $20.00 Foggy Mountain SkeetoGuard 2 pack $35.00 Foggy Mountain SkeetoGuard 4pack $65.00

Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Natural Mosquito Repellent uses the natural mosquito deterrent power of essential oils from plants that mosquitoes hate. This natural essential oil mosquito repellent is not only very effective, it is safe to use on skin and clothing and even on your family dog!...and it won’t melt your steering wheel! Apply Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Repellent to exposed skin and clothes before going on your summer adventure, avoid contact with eyes and open cuts, re apply every 2-4 hours or as needed. 8 oz. bottle with convenient sprayer - shake well before use.

Maine Outdoor Solutions LLC represents that this is a minimum risk pesticide which qualifies for exemption from EPA registration und FIFRA 25(b) Maine Outdoor Solutions LLC does not claim that this product prevents or cures any diseases.

At this time this product can only be shipped to New Hampshire, Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois & Texas