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How to Keep Squirrels Away

Squirrels can ruin everything. They wreck gardens, infest attics, and build nests in unwanted places in and around your home or business. So how can you keep squirrels away? In the wild, foxes are the natural predators of squirrels and keep them at bay. But what about the interior of your home or on your property? Well, PredatorPee has a solution. You can’t  foxes into your living room to hunt down squirrels, but we provide the next best option with natural squirrel deterrents. Our all-natural PredatorPee® Real Fox Urine provides the illusion that a fox is nearby and will drive the squirrels away. Our natural squirrel repellent product is safe for use anywhere, including: - Around your garden - Inside your home - In your yard - Around children - Around pets

Our fox urine also can be applied in multiple ways, such as: - PredatorPee 33-Day Dispensers - PredatorPee Scent Tags - 100% Fox Pee Yard Cover Shakin’ Flakes Granules - 100% Fox PeeShots - And More!!

And as always, our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping in the US and Canada. Discover how to keep squirrels away from your house and yard today!


“I am extremely happy with my fox urine. I have not seen a single squirrel, chipmunk or bunny in my yard/garden since I put it out! Thank You!!!”

Jennifer – Columbus, IN

What do foxes like to eat? Basically, foxes are lazy, daytime hunters. So, small animals like squirrels that are active and readily available during the daylight hours are the perfect prey for foxes. But, nature has provided prey animals like squirrels a way to protect themselves from predators like foxes. The smell of fox urine triggers an instinctive warning signal in a squirrel’s brain that tells it that it is time to leave the area. The scent of fox urine only means one thing to a squirrel – a fox is nearby!

PredatorPee®FoxPee Fox Urine convinces squirrels that a fox is nearby. One sniff of PredatorPee®FoxPee Fox Urine and the squirrels are on the move. PredatorPee®FoxPee Fox Urine – Available in liquid granules and PeeShot canisters. Free Shipping to USA and Canada Always.