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YardCover Shakin'Flakes - Granular PredatorPee®
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Specialty Pee Uses

PredatorPee® Has a World of Other Interesting and Practical Uses!

PredatorPee® is an incredibly versatile product with many interesting uses.
Did you know that wild animal pee is a favorite food of the butterfly as a source for important minerals and nutrients?
Or did you know that PredatorPee® predator urine can be used to train your dog where to pee?
Or that in the UK, PredatorPee® FoxPee is widely used as a training scent for fox hounds?
One of our favorites is our PredatorPee® Skunk'Um and its use as an all-natural and "fragrant" solution for ending unwanted people loitering around!
No matter what you need it for, we have the animal urine for sale here!


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