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PredatorPee® PorcupineStopper


Discourage porcupines the humane way with predator urine! When it comes to trees and man-made structures, few critters can cause the kind of destruction that Porcupines can. They can literally chew a house down or strip and kill a tree from the bottom up! But that is not all, porcupines account for thousands of trips to the vet and millions of dollars in vet bills for dog owners whose pet has had an unfortunate encounter with the porky’s penetrating, hook-like quills.

Its quills are also its first line of defense against most predators in the wild – but 3 smart ones have found a way to exploit the porcupine’s primary weakness. You see, porcupines have no quills on their underbelly and mountain lions, bobcats and fisher cats have figured out if that they flip the porcupine over on its back, they can attack the belly without facing the quills. Consequently, in the wild, those are the 3 predators that porcupines most want to avoid.


We put the natural fear of those three predators to work for you with PredatorPee® PorcupineStopper porcupine deterrent. No matter where a porcupine lives, the scent of our proprietary blend of the pure urine of these predators triggers the porcupine’s genetic fear instinct and causes the porcupine to move out of the area quickly.

If you have seen evidence of a Porcupine’s presence, apply PorcupineStopper without delay because the damage to pets and structures happens fast! Find your ideal porcupine repellent below.

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