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Ask The PeeMan - Rain Protection

Rain Protection for PredatorPee® - 33Day Dispensers

When you need rain resistant animal repellent products, use our 33 Day Dispensers along with our liquid PredatorPee® products. The  33Day Dispensers are vented vials that protect the pee from dilution or evaporation due to rainy or windy conditions. The dispensers are available to order as individual 10-packs or in combo-packs with the liquid pee. Predator urine is the ultimate outdoor pest repellent!


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Give Pee A Chance Bumper Sticker

What could be more fun than a "Give Pee A Chance" bumper sticker! You get one free with any order from the PredatorPeeStore - but you can buy extras here for all your friends - Only 2 bucks.