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Porcupine Problems

PredatorPee® FisherPee

PredatorPee FisherPee Pure Fisher Urine is a natural porcupine deterrent made from the urine of the porcupines most feared natural predator - the Fisher Cat. The largest member of the weasel family, the fisher attacks porcupines by flipping them on their back to reveal their unprotected underbelly and thereby avoiding their quills. Create a "pee-rimeter" around your yard by using PredatorPee FisherPee Pure Fisher Urine liquid with ScentTags or 33 Day Dispensers, or spread PredatorPee FisherPee Pure Fisher Urine YardCover around and under structures. Find pure predator urine for porcupines here!

"The North American porcupine is most at risk from the fisher. Fishers are related to the weasel and weigh up to 5.5 kg. Fishers have two advantages that make them capable hunters of the porcupine. First, they are agile tree climbers. If a fisher locates a porcupine, it cannot hide by fleeing into a tree because the fisher can pursue it and force it down to the ground. A porcupine can sometimes defend itself by facing the trunk on a branch and presenting its tail to the fisher. If the fisher manages to force a porcupine down to the ground, the porcupine will try to present its hind quarters and tail to the attacker, but the fisher is quick and agile. As it circles the porcupine, every chance it gets, it bites the face. After repeated attacks, the porcupine eventually weakens, allowing the fisher to bite the porcupine's underbelly, thus killing it." Wikepedia


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