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Foggy Mountain® PantRail

“When my wife and I built our new home in Hermon, Maine a couple of years ago, I was determined to come up with a guy-friendly way to keep my closet organized. Pants were always a problem. Getting them onto hangers just never seemed to happen. So, I got to thinking. I grabbed a couple of brackets, attached a piece of galvanized pipe on top, mounted them on my closet wall, threw my pants over the pipe and my pants problem was solved. - and the idea for the Foggy Mountain® PantRail was born. All the guys I showed the original PaintRail to, said “you oughta sell those.” So we did.
The actual Foggy Mountain® PantRail is much more refined than my original, now made with hand-forged-in-Maine iron brackets and a beefy 2” diameter, 4 foot long hardwood rail instead of a chunk of pipe.
If you find throwing your pants over the back of a chair to be much more appealing than wrestling them onto a hanger, then you’ll love our Made in Maine Foggy Mountain® PantRail.
The rugged steel and Maine hardwood Pant Rail easily mounts on the wall - then all you do is toss your pants right over the clothes drying rail. No folding, no fussing, no hanger creases. Just another practical Foggy Mountain® solution to one of life’s annoying problems. And, oh yes, one more thing. Because your closet mess and clutter is now history, your wife will love the PantRail too!”
Ken Johnson, Founder Maine Outdoor Solution