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64 oz Coyote Urine

When you have a big deer problem, you need a BIG solution. PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine Growlers provide 64oz - a full half gallon of pure Coyote Urine.  When you need to keep deer away from large areas, PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine Growlers provide enough Coyote Urine to send a huge message over a big area to deer, raccoons and other coyote prey that a serious predator is very close by.  Coyotes prey deer and medium size animals - and they know that the scent of Coyote Urine means real danger. PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine Growlers - Pure Urine - Pure Fear.  Free Shipping to USA & Canada Always.