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16 oz Coyote Urine

PredatorPee®CoyotePee 16 oz. Coyote Urine with trigger spray nozzle is your perfect weapon against the damage that deer and racoons can do. Coyotes are very effective predators and deer and raccoons know it! One whiff of a Coyote's urine and deer and raccoons know that danger is near and it is time to go! PredatorPee®CoyotePee 16 oz. Coyote Urine products are available as single bottles with 2 and 4 packs offering extra savings.  PredatorPee®BobcatPee 16 oz. Coyote Urine combo packs with our ScentTags or 33Day Dispensers are available as well.  Free shipping always to USA and Canada!

  • original-2020-coyote-urine-16-oz-text
    Coyote Urine 16oz - 1 Pack $33.00 Coyote Urine – 16oz–2 Pack - Save $10 $56.00 Coyote Urine – 16oz–4 Pack - Save $25 $107.00
  • 2020-coyote-urine-16-oz-eco-combo-text
    Coyote Urine 16oz ScentTag Combo - 1 Pack $45.00 Coyote Urine-16oz-ScentTag-Combo–2 Pack - Save $10 $80.00 Coyote Urine-16oz-ScentTag-Combo–4 Pack - Save $25 $155.00
  • coyote-urine-ez-fill-16oz-dispenser-combo
    Coyote Urine 16oz Dispenser Combo - 1 Pack $48.00 Coyote Urine-16oz-Dispenser-Combo–2 Pack- Save $10 $86.00 Coyote Urine-16oz-Dispenser-Combo–4 Pack- Save $25 $167.00