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Ever since the introduction of HotDoe Doe-in-Heat Buck Lure in the early 80's,
Foggy Mountain® Deer Lures have proven to perform season after season
- Now available in new 4 and 8 ounce bottles, packed in re-usable metal tins.

Centuries ago, if a man wanted to eat, not only did he have to hunt, but he had to kill something. The hunt had to be successful.
His life and the lives of his family members depended on it. 
So the hunter spent a lot of time in the wild observing animals and figuring out how to get them to come close to him
so he didn’t have to lug the meat for miles to get it home.

During the process, he observed that the odor of the urine of the same species communicates a lot to those animals.
For example, the smell of the urine of a female deer in heat drove the males crazy and drew them to her like a magnet.
A whiff of buck’s urine by another buck could trigger a turf battle. The smell of generic deer urine would lead another deer to a well-worn trail.

All these observations taught early hunters how to put deer urine to work for them in order to make their hunting efforts more successful.
After all, what could be better than having the deer come to you!

Well, as you might guess, this is the history behind Foggy Mountain® Hunting Lures.
From the first bottle of Foggy Mountain® HotDoe nearly 40 years ago, we have been providing deer lures of consistently high quality to hunters year after year.
We invite you to give Foggy Mountain® scents & lures for deer hunting a try….you’ll be glad you did. Free Shipping – all orders, all the time!


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