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If your state restricts the use of natural deer urine by hunters in order to control the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in their deer herds, you now have alternative for this hunting season. DeadRinger Synthetics from Foggy Mountain® Hunting Attractant Scents & Lures scientifically duplicate the attractant power of natural urine while eliminating completely the chance of spreading CWD.

The urine of does and bucks is made up of a complex cocktail of naturally occurring chemical components that communicate different things to different deer. The chemicals in a doe’s urine when she is in heat, communicates to bucks both her readiness to mate and her location. A dominant buck’s urine communicates to other bucks that this territory is taken and any other bucks that might venture near should be prepared to fight.

Over the years, hunters have found the use of doe-in-heat and dominant buck urine to be effective way of getting close to big bucks during hunting season. DeadRinger Synthetics hunting attractant scents successfully replicate both the natural chemicals found in doe and buck urine and messages they send to other deer.

DeadRinger DoeFire hunting attractant scents are synthetic doe-in-heat urine that performs just like our legendary HotDoe Buck Lure. Our DeadRinger Ruttin’Buck synthetic dominant buck lure creates the illusion that another buck is breaking into a taken territory in the same way that our Dominator Dominator Buck Lure has done for decades.

So if you can’t use real urine where you hunt, make sure you use a Dead-Ringer! DeadRinger Synthetics from Foggy Mountain® Hunting Scents & Lures – available in 4 and 8oz bottles, packed in reusable tins….and of course, free shipping always!





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