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It all started with legendary ProCover Human Scent Camo back in 1981.
Now Foggy Mountain® has a full line up of hunting cover scents that make you blend 
right into your surroundings so deer never know you are even there!

The science of hunting cover scents and how they work is pretty simple and follows the plan that our creator laid out from the beginning of time. Animals depend heavily on their sense of smell to survive. It helps them do everything from finding safe trails, to finding, food, a mate and avoiding predators….especially humans! And that means you need to pay attention to what you smell like when you go hunting!

Hunters who take the time to understand how all of this works have a great advantage when pursuing game animals. Here are a few tips:
• Do everything you can to minimize “people odors” on your body, boots and clothes - Foggy Mountain® OdorEqualizer can help
• Know your hunting area and what it smells like: all land has its natural smells and odors. Take some time to consider what those smells are before you go there to hunt.
• Animals know what those smells are and consider them normal and are not spooked by them.
• They also are quick to notice smells that don’t belong!
• So, if you are hunting in a softwood forest, Foggy Mountain® Cedar, Pine and Spruce Cover Scents would be good choices
• Lots of wild apple trees around? Foggy Mountain® Wild Apple is a great choice.
• Hunting in farmland? Foggy Mountain® Earth Cover duplicates the scent of rich dirt.

Of course, there are also lots of times when you are hunting in an area that has many different types of trees and vegetation making it hard to pick just one environmental cover scent for the day’s hunt.

That’s where our legendary Foggy Mountain® ProCover and Foggy Mountain® Animal Cover Scents come into their own. Here’s what Wayne had to say about ProCover back in 1981:
"Meat on the pole pays my bills - nothin' else. So when I find something that works, I pay attention.
I first developed Pro-Cover to help my hunters get in as close as possible without spooking the game. Folks started wanting to take some home,
so I'd mix up a batch in a mayonnaise jar and send it along with them.
Then one thing led to another. When something works, people just gotta have it. Now you can too."
Wayne A. Bosowicz, Maine Master Guide, Foggy Mountain Guide Service

Foggy Mountain® ProCovercamouflages your human scent – allowing you to get closer to game animals than you ever thought possible.

Foggy Mountain® Animal Cover Scents are other great tools for you to use when hunting in areas with varied environmental smells. These scents allow you to smell like the non-threatening critters that live in the area and are not feared by big game animals. These include Foggy Mountain® Red Fox, Raccoon, Rabbit Cover and Skunk Essence.

So remember, with Foggy Mountain® “you’re only human, but you don’t have to smell like one!”


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