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Foggy Mountain ProCover Human Scent Camo

Foggy Mountain ProCover Human Scent Camo

Foggy Mountain ProCover 4 oz $30.00 Foggy Mountain ProCover 8 oz $48.00

Nothing spooks deer or other game animals faster than your own human scent. But you can do something about it with scent control for hunting. As ProCover inventor and late legendary Maine Master Guide Wayne A. Bosowicz of Foggy Mountain Guide Service used to say: “You are only human, but you don’t have smell like one anymore!” ProCover human scent cover was originally developed for use by Wayne’s hunting clients so they could get in as close as possible to the deer, bear or moose that they were hunting without being detected. ProCover camouflages human scent completely. Your hunting success depends on you having a good, clean shot. ProCover hunting scent control prevents you from getting winded by a deer or other game animal – the rest is up to you! Try this hunting cover scent today! THE NORTH AMERICAN HUNTING CLUB awarded PRO COVER a preferred seal of approval as a result of extensive field testing on whitetail, mule deer, antelope and elk. As reported, "I had deer and antelope walk within 30 feet of me and never knew I was around." These human scent cover products are available in 2, 4 and 8 oz bottles packed in reusable slip top tins.