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Foggy Mountain Dominator Buck Lure

Foggy Mountain Dominator 4 oz $40.00 Foggy Mountain Dominator 8 oz $60.00
When you hunt deer, nothing less than the Dominator buck attractant will do! In the wild, the big bucks fight it out for territorial dominance and compete for attention among the does. You are after the biggest, boldest buck and Foggy Mountain Dominator Buck-in-Rut deer hunting scent will help draw him to you. The scent of Dominator deer urine for hunting tells him that another buck is moving in to his territory and he is driven to investigate. When he does, you are there and the hunt is over! Try this deer attractant today! "I love your Dominator(Buck in a Bottle), but I have run out. This stuff is the best. I just shot a six point buck with it!" Jeff H - Waterford, Maine. Our Dominator deer scents for hunting are available in 2, 4 and 8oz bottles packed in reusable metal tins.