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Horsefly Stoppers

Horse flies – they don’t just bite horses! Conventional insect repellents like DEET work on mosquitoes and other bugs by disrupting their ability to sense carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, horse flies are also attracted by the movement, warmth, and size of warm-blooded animals, causing normal bug repellents to be ineffective. If you want to learn how to get rid of horse flies, you need something different.  Foggy Mountain® Horse Fly Stoppers can put the fun back into outdoor recreation. Simply apply one of the adhesive strips to the back of a hat and you’re good to go on that run, hike, bike, walk or other outdoor summer activity. Horse flies can’t resist the flesh-colored horse fly traps – they land, they’re stuck, they’re done. Stop horse flies in their tracks with Horse Fly Stoppers


Don't Just Take Our Word for it . . . Watch the Video to see how well Deer Fly Stoppers Work!


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