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Skeeters, skeets, bloodsuckers . . .whatever you call them in your neck of the woods, mosquitoes are just plain evil.

Here in Maine they begin their relentless invasion just about the time it is actually warm enough to venture outside.
And if you live anywhere outside the center of town, the bloodthirsty pests will chase you back inside as quickly as you can exhale your first puff of CO2.
Here at Foggy Mountain® we like to enjoy God’s great outdoors for the few months of warmth granted to us in the North Woods,
and we aren’t gonna let any skeetos stop us. That’s why we developed our Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Yard & Camp Spray to keep mosquitos out of your yard and around your camp or campsite
and Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Natural Repellent to keep skeeters from ruining your outdoor adventures.
Both natural mosquito repellent sprays are created from blends of essential oils and other plant based ingredients. Safe, effective and field tested in the woods of Maine.
Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Yard & Camp Spray
Mosquitoes basically have three “noses”- the antennae, the maxillary palp, and the proboscis.
Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Yard & Camp Spray is a proprietary blend of essential oils derived from several plants that mosquitoes turn up their “noses” at.
Blended and diluted for effective delivery and safety to humans and pets, Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Yard & Camp Spray is the natural way to rid your yard of these bloodsucking pests.
Use sprayer to apply Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Yard & Camp Spray to the perimeter of the area you are trying to protect.
Also, apply to areas of tall grass, flower beds, shrubs, underneath decks and other areas where mosquitoes rest.
Reapply this natural mosquito repellent spray as needed and after rain. Avoid spraying on skin and any contact with eyes. Do not spray directly on pets.

Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Natural Repellent
Truth be told, Foggy Mountain® inspiration, the late Wayne Bosowicz, Maine Master Guide, wouldn’t have gone into the woods without anything less than 100% DEET – but he didn’t like it much that it also melted finger grooves into the steering wheel of his F-250 4WD. But, we think Wayne would have liked Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Natural Repellent. This natural product is not only very effective, it is safe to use on skin and clothing and even on your family dog!...and it won’t melt your steering wheel! Apply Foggy Mountain® SkeetoGuard Repellent to exposed skin and clothes before going on your summer adventure, avoid contact with eyes and open cuts, re apply every 2-4 hours or as needed.

Maine Outdoor Solutions LLC represents that this is a minimum risk pesticide which qualifies for exemption from EPA registration und FIFRA 25(b)
Maine Outdoor Solutions LLC does not claim that this product prevents or cures any diseases.



  • 2020-FM-SkeetoGuard-8oz
    Foggy Mountain SkeetoGuard 1 pack $16.00 Foggy Mountain SkeetoGuard 2 pack $27.00 Foggy Mountain SkeetoGuard 4pack $49.00
  • 2020-FM-Yard-camp-SkeetoGuard-16oz
    Foggy Mountain Yard & Camp SkeetoGuard - 16oz - 1 pack $29.00 Foggy Mountain Yard & Camp SkeetoGuard 16oz - 2 pack $53.00 Foggy Mountain Yard & Camp SkeetoGuard 16oz - 4 pack $96.00

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