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Foggy Mountain StopTick All Natural Tick Repellent

“In a recent nationally representative survey of 2,052 Americans by Consumer Reports,
4 in 10 said they had experienced a tick bite.” 

The Great American Tick Invasion, Kevin Loria

Ticks are a BIG problem in the US and even in regions where the tiny disease carrying pests used to be few and far between, “tick checks” have become part of daily living - especially for people who love the outdoors. Here at Foggy Mountain®, we are all about enjoying the outdoors safely and that’s why we have developed our very own all-natural tick repellent for humans. Foggy Mountain® StopTick makes use of the tick deterrent properties of essential oils and other natural ingredients that ticks just plain don’t like. Independently field tested in the woods of Maine, Foggy Mountain® StopTick is safe to spray on clothing, skin and even on your family dog! Just apply StopTick to clothing and exposed skin(avoid contact with eyes) likely to come in contact with grass and underbrush in woods and fields. Reapply every 2-4 hours or as needed. Foggy Mountain® StopTick all-natural tick repellent for humans is also available in our easy to use Foggy Mountain® Tick’R Tape kit which includes 8 ounces of StopTick , 2 Stretchable & Absorbent Tick’r Tape Wrist Bands and 2 Stretchable, Adjustable & Absorbent Tick’r Tape Leg Bands – just apply to the wrist bands and leg bands and go.

At this time this product can only be shipped to New Hampshire, Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois & Texas


  • 2020-FM-StopTick-8oz
    Foggy Mountain StopTick - 1 pack $24.00 Foggy Mountain StopTick 8oz - 2 pack $65.00 Foggy Mountain StopTick 8oz - 4 pack $76.00
  • FM-StopTick-Protection-Kit
    Foggy Mountain StopTick Protection Kit - 1 pack $35.00 Foggy Mountain StopTick Protection Kit - 2 pack $48.00 Foggy Mountain StopTick Protection Kit - 4 pack $120.00


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