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Everyone knows that ticks are a real problem. Ticks are major carriers of Lyme disease and they transmit the disease when they burrow into your skin. So, the question is: “How do I keep ticks from getting on me?” Well, we have a product for that! Our Tick’r Tape is a complete tick prevention kit for humans that gives you everything you need to keep ticks off all in one convenient package.

The kit includes:

 1 can of “PeeMan Approved” Tick-killing Permethrin Spray

 2 Stretchable & Absorbent Tick’r Tape Wrist Bands

 2 Stretchable, Adjustable & Absorbent Tick’r Tape Leg Bands

Because primarily ticks gain access your skin through your shirt sleeves and pant legs, our Tick’rTape Tick Bands, treated with our Permethrin Spray not only stops ticks from getting on your skin by sealing your sleeves or pant legs, but the Permethrin treatment kills on-contact those ticks that try! If you are out and about in tick country, our Tick’r Tape is for you. Free Shipping Always and comes 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, too!

  • Tick’R Tape Tick Protection Kit

    Tick’R Tape Tick Protection Kit – contains: 2Ankle & 2 Wrist Absorbent Tickr’Tape Wraps and a 6 oz can of Permethrin Spray. Just Spray and Wrap for Total Tick Protection

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