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No matter where you live, you probably know someone on your gift list who has a special connection to the great state of Maine.
If they enjoy the outdoors, Maine Outdoor Solutions probably has something you just won’t find anywhere else.
Perfect for Yankee Swap or White Elephant parties too! Great gifts from Maine like:
-The Original Maine Crusher Hat, the Brimmer and the Flapper– the ultimate fashion statement from woods of Maine
-BearGuard Leather Waterproofing – the only boot and shoe waterproofing made from beeswax and real bear fat! Keeps your feet dry no matter what.
-Foggy Mountain Hunting & Outdoor Products including insect repellents and hunting scents and lures –
featuring ProCover Human Scent Camo, HotDoe Doe-in-Heat and a complete selection of hunting lures and cover scents
-PredatorPee® Brand pest protection products including: HawkStopper Visual Deflection Netting for chicken protection, PredatorPee® Predator Urine – the all-natural way to protect against mice, deer, coyotes, skunks, rats, raccoon, squirrels, rabbits and many other wild pests, ButterFly Lure – wild animal urine, the butterfly’s favorite food!
In addition, we have put together some very interesting Christmas Gift Boxes that combine a variety of our products to make truly unique Christmas presents. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from Maine

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Check Out These Unique & Useful Products From Maine Outdoor Solutions!

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