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Unique and Useful Christmas Gifts for Outdoorsy Men from Maine! These Presents for Outdoorsmen come with Free Shipping Always to USA & Canada! Find cool Maine gift ideas below.

No matter where you live, you probably know someone on your gift list who has a special connection to the great state of Maine. Or maybe you're just looking for unique gifts for outdoorsmen and those who love anything to do with the outdoors. Our PredatorPee® line of Maine Christmas gifts has something truly unique for gardeners, farmers and backyard chicken folks.

For those that enjoy hunting, hiking and camping, our Foggy Mountain® gift packs are just about perfect outdoorsmen gifts. Take a look, we're pretty sure we've got something you just won’t find anywhere else.  

See below for some great Christmas Gift ideas!

Or simply purchase a gift certificate here: Maine Outdoor Solutions Gift Certificate

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