PredatorPee SnakeGuard

PredatorPee SnakeGuard


Getting rid of snakes is problem faced by farmers and homeowners alike. PredatorPee SnakeGuard snake traps help you capture and safely remove snakes in and around houses, garages, barns, chicken coops, wood piles, rock walls and other places that snakes inhabit. Place the SnakeGuard humane snake trap in the area snakes frequent and the snake box trap does the rest. The snake slithers into the live snake trap and quickly sticks to the super-sticky adhesive coating inside the SnakeGuard trap. The more the snake struggles the stronger the adhesive grips. Here is a partial list of snakes found in North America, if any one of these matches your snake problem, the SnakeGuard humane snake trap is for you: Bullsnake California red-sided garter snake Cape gopher snake Common garter snake Eastern diamondback rattlesnake Eastern indigo snake Eastern milk snake Eastern worm snake Fox's mountain meadow snake Plains garter snake Texas garter snake Gopher snake Great Plains rat snake Scarlet kingsnake Louisiana pinesnake Mexican black kingsnake Mexican milk snake Milk snake Northern Pine Snake Northern ribbon snake Pacific gopher snake Rattlesnake Rim rock crown snake Ring-necked snake Santa Catalina Island Rattlesnake Slowinski's corn snake Smooth green snake Northern water snake Southern ribbon snake Southeastern crown snake Two-striped garter snake Western black-headed snake Western hognose snake Western patch-nosed snake Western terrestrial garter snake Western yellow-bellied racer
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