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Foggy Mountain TotalSeason Deer Lure - 8 oz

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8oz Bottle Packed in a Re-usable Tin Box

Foggy Mountain Total Season Deer Lure is the one deer scent attractant than can be used every day from the opening day of hunting season until it closes for both does and bucks. It may not get you the biggest buck, but deer will not ignore this scent. The 8 ounce bottle will you give you enough deer lure to last the whole season.

"It was because of your (Total Season) that I bagged an excellent buck (an incredible 200lbs. field-dressed). It blows away Tinks #69, Deer Formula, Buck Stop, Indian - It blows them all away. . .I'm never going to use anything else!" 

-- Russell F. Welp 
Three Rivers Guide Service