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Foggy Mountain Dominator 8 oz

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8oz Bottle Packed in a Re-usable Tin Box

Foggy Mountain Dominator Buck Lure is the one deer lure product where the name says it all. If you are hunting for the big boy, the alpha male of the deer herd, Dominator is the buck lure that has your name written all over it! Packed in a big 8 ounce bottle, Dominator buck urine is collected from the biggest bucks to send the message to other bucks that there is a new sheriff in town. This buck-in-rut scent triggers the genetic territorial dominance message that brings in the bucks looking to engage this interloper on their territory – and when they come in you'll be waiting!

I am convinced that Foggy Mountain Dominator was responsible for providing me with that perfect shot opportunity. Thanks for helping me take my best whitetail ever. What a blessing! You have a great product and an enlightening concept on how to use it. I am indebted to you. Bob P. Maryland