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Foggy Mountain Dominator 4 oz

Foggy Mountain Dominator 4 oz

Foggy Mountain Dominator Dominant Buck Lure - 4oz Bottle Packed in a Re-usable Tin Box

This special blend of Buck in rut urine and gland scents make this the dream potion for mock scrapes. Bucks are extremely territorial during the rut and the bigger the buck – the more territorial he is! When you use Dominator deer rut scent, you send a challenge to the big bucks in the area that there is a new stud in town! The big bucks will come in to take up the territorial challenge. To make sure that you "tick off" the trophy in your hunting area and bring him into your scrape, all of our buck urine is collected from the biggest meanest bucks in our herds. There just isn't anything more life-like than this! When you hold up a bottle of this deer scent lure, you can almost hear those bucks scrapin' and snortin'!

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