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Foggy Mountain HotDoe Doe-in-Heat Buck Lure 8 ounce


HotDoe doe-in-heat urine was one of the first deer hunting scent products brought to market by the late legendary Maine Master Guide Wayne A. Bosowicz of Foggy Mountain Guide Service. Wayne would settle for nothing less than the best and HotDoe passed the test. In Maine, the big woods are heavy going. Marked by dense undergrowth, rocky ridges riddled with nooks and crannies, impassable cedar swamps – just the kind of places for a trophy buck to hide out. The big buck needs a big reason to wander out into open. HotDoe pheromone-rich doe-in-heat buck lure sends a “come hither” scent message that gives that big ol’ buck just the reason he’s been waiting for! Hot Doe is the ultimate doe-in-heat buck lure.

As Wayne always said: “Deer don’t pee an ounce, why should you have to buy it that way?” The legendary HotDoe doe-in-heat buck lure is now available in a big 8 oz. bottle. It only makes sense; if you are going after the buck that is large and in charge, why not have enough doe-in-estrus urine to meet the challenge? Try this deer attractant today!


"I have used your Hot Doe scent and find it is very good and I would like to have a catalog to show to other hunters. I use black powder and cross bow for my own hunting." 
James C. Perth, Ontario 

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