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Foggy Mountain Bobcat Urine

Foggy Mountain Bobcat Urine - 8oz $27.00 Foggy Mountain Bobcat Urine - 16oz $42.00 Foggy Mountain Bobcat Urine - 32oz $72.00
Foggy Mountain® Bobcat Urine comes from a long heritage of providing quality, natural animal scents for use by men and women who love the outdoors. Predator urine like Bobcat Urine contains unique characteristics that stimulate different responses in different animals. Animals of like species will recognize the scent of Bobcat Urine the mark of one of their own. This is particularly useful in the search for a mate. Other animals, like those that a Bobcat would prey upon, find the scent of Bobcat Urine frightening and a warning that a Bobcat may be nearby. It makes a wonderful natural rodent repellent. Foggy Mountain® Bobcat Pee repellent is the real stuff.