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Foggy Mountain HotDoe 4 oz

Foggy Mountain HotDoe 4 oz

Foggy Mountain HotDoe Doe-in-Heat Buck Lure - 4 oz Bottle Packed in a Re-usable Tin Box

Over the years since put up our first bottle of HotDoe back in 1984, we’ve received lots of letters and emails. They report how HotDoe lured the big buck closer and closer until it was in range for the perfect shot. We’ve also had a few pretty humorous stories from hunter’s who decided to dab a little HotDoe on their clothes only to find themselves in hot pursuit by a love-starved buck chasing them back to camp! Never underestimate the attracting-power of HotDoe! HotDoe is pure doe-in-heat urine collected during the hottest period of the estrus cycle. Bucks just can't resist this doe-in-heat lure!

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