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PredatorPee for Large Areas

Have a large area to protect and want a natural animal repellent? Keep animals out of your yard with convenient Pre-Pak Combos and bulk predator urine.

The Concept – How Much You Need – How to Use It

  • 2018-YardPack-1000
  • PredatorPee Attic/Basement Pak

    Protects the attic OR basement of a 1200 sq ft house from critters like, mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and their chewing, scratching relatives. Contains 3 – 8packs of our super -convenient “Pee-Loaded” PeeShots that will protect the attic OR basement of a 1200 sq. ft. house. (Buy 2 Atiic/Basement Pak specials to do both) Remove the lids and place the PeeShots every 10ft around the perimeter of the foundation or under the attic eaves – particularly near common entry points like openings for wires, pipes and vents. The odor dissipates quickly beyond the range of the human nose, but is detectable by critters for a month or more giving them plenty of time to set up house-keeping somewhere else! Use BobcatPeeShots for mice, CoyotePeeShots for rats and 'coons, FoxPeeShots for squirrels. Choose your "flavor" at checkout. Save $6 over single pack prices!

  • Specify BobcatPee, FoxPee, CoyotePee, WolfPee or Mt.LionPee - May mix 'n match, just tell us how many of each "flavor" you want
  • PredatorPee LawnPak

    Had enough of digging, burrowing critters or of other ones using your lawn as a litter box? Contains a 12 pack of PredatorPee YardCover granules shakin' flakes – enough to treat a 2500 sq ft lawn. Choose Fox Pee for skunk, Wolf Pee for cats, Coyote Pee for armadillos and gophers, and Bobcat Pee for moles and voles. Save $96 over single jar prices - choose 'flavors" at check out - may mix'n match.
  • Predator Pee 320 - Bobcat Pee
    91432, pump sprayer, 83109
    Includes five 64 oz Growlers of Predator Pee Bobcat Urine equal to twenty 16 oz bottles worth, a reusable 1 gallon heavy duty sprayer, and fourteen packages of scent tags. Protects four acres or 1600 feet! Save $270 over single item prices!
  • Original-2020-33-day-dispensers-text
    33 Day Dispensers - 1 Pack $20.00 33 Day Dispensers - 2 Pack - Save $5 $35.00 33 Day Dispensers - 4 Pack - Save $20 $60.00
  • Original-2020-ScentTag-text
    ScentTag - 1 Pack $15.00 ScentTag - 2 Pack - Save $5 $25.00 ScentTag - 4 Pack - Save $15 $45.00
  • Predatorpee-hat-1000